1. adj Scottish, Scotch, Irish; 2. adj Irish or Scottish language; [Scottas]

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  • Scottish — Scot tish, a. [From {Scot} a Scotchman: cf. AS. Scyttisc, and E. {Scotch}, a., {Scots}, a.] Of or pertaining to the inhabitants of Scotland, their country, or their language; as, Scottish industry or economy; a Scottish chief; a Scottish dialect …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Scots language — Not to be confused with Scottish English or Scottish Gaelic. Scots (Braid) Scots, Lallans Spoken in United Kingdom (Scotland and Northern Ireland), Republic of Ireland Region …   Wikipedia

  • Англосаксонские хроники — Начальная страница «Хроники Питерборо». Начало те …   Википедия

  • Scottish — Scottishly, adv. Scottishness, n. /skot ish/, adj. 1. Also, Scots. of or pertaining to Scotland, its people, or their language. n. 2. the people of Scotland. 3. Scots (def. 1). [bef. 900; ME < LL Scott(us) SCOT + ISH1; r. OE Scyttisc] …   Universalium

  • Scottish — [skät′ish] adj. [ME Scottissh < Late OE Scottisc, for earlier Scyttisc] of Scotland or its people, variety of English, or culture n. the variety of English spoken by the people of Scotland the Scottish the Scottish people USAGE Scottish, the… …   English World dictionary

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